Why "Boomer" Domains?

Well, to start with, because there are so many Baby Boomers, globally, but also because they're an interesting and very diverse group of people, who also happen to be America's largest, wealthiest, most influential demographic group - despite the fact that half of them are over 50.

From birth, Baby Boomers have been an economic engine of consumer goods and services. And even as they pass the half century mark, Boomers remain viable consumers. Which makes for an interesting marketing challenge. Until now, marketers have:

1) Ignored the 50 and over crowd, preferring to focus on the 18-49 crowd.

2) Lumped them into a "senior" or "mature market" group, complete with ads featuring gray haired "active adults," leading "active lives."

But neither approach will work today.

After all, there are 78 million American Baby Boomers (and even more if you think globally) half of whom are over 50, with 4 million more turning 50 each year. That works out to 10,000 new 50 years olds each day - or another Boomer turning 50 every seven seconds. So how many will have hit that mark by the time you finish reading this page?

Clearly there's too much money in Baby Boomer hands to ignore them from a marketing perspective; but they don't think, act or feel like any previous over 50 generation. So you can't use traditional 50+ marketing on them if you want their attention, respect – or money.

Boomers Don't Act Old. I mean, look at who we're talking about:

Mel Gibson is over 50. So are George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Tyler, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington. Not to mention Yo-Yo Ma, Billy Blanks, Al Gore, Jr., Mitt Romney, Barak Obama and President George W. Bush

Christie Brinkley is over 50, too. Have you seen her lately? Or how about Andie MacDowell, Holly Hunter, Madonna, Patricia Heaton, Condi Rice, Suzanne Somers, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Sarandon, Hillary Clinton, Carrie Fisher or Caroline Kennedy?

Clearly none of these bonafide Baby Boomers are giving thought to slowing down, looking, acting or feeling old. (Well, OK, George Bush did say he's looking forward to hanging out at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, but he didn't say anything about grabbing a rocking chair.)

So why not get off on the proper foot with this audience by purchasing a Baby Boomer oriented domain name? We've got quite a selection, surely something will speak to you...

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